Take Charge of Your Health. Body no be Firewood.

Experience the most comprehensive health check worth every kobo. Walk in and get a thorough assessment of your health and your body, with practical tips on how to stay healthy.

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Get Screened For Common Diseases

We have designed the most comprehensive health package in Nigeria for you, testing over 80 health parameters that are analyzed using Artificial Intelligence and the latest best practices in healthcare.

What’s more?
- We give you personalized health advice
- Explain your results in simple terms without medical jargon
- Provide structured programs with certified experts to help you hit your health goals.

To us, you are not just another client.

We see you, and we make your health worries ours.

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Kidney Disease

About 25 million Nigerians have kidney disease. Get screened to know if your kidneys work well.

liver disease

Liver Disease

Liver disease can be deadly if left untreated. You can know the health of your liver through our wellness check.



Up to 40% of people with stroke die within 30 days in Nigeria. Get assessed now.

ischemic heart disease

Ischemic Heart Disease

With our heart health assessment, we will check your risk of heart disease.



5 million Nigerians live with diabetes, a deadly disease that can be well managed with early detection.

mental health screening

Mental Health Screening

1 in 4 adults will struggle with a mental health condition in their lifetime. Your mental health matters.

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Speak to Qualified Doctors 24/7

Get access to board certified professional medical doctors and specialists to review your test results, and speak to them about your health needs, anytime and anywhere via our Doktorconnect app.

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No Part Of Your Body Is Left Unchecked

Collapsed foot arches contribute to chronic back and leg pain. You don’t have to suffer from that pain in silence anymore. Get your entire body, including your feet checked out, and get access to the care you need. You don’t deserve to be in pain.

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Health checks delivered

For us, every health check is unique and different. We listen to your health worries and address every concern you might have.


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Customer rating

With an average customer rating of 4.95/5, you are guaranteed an amazing, personalized experience when you book your annual health check with us.

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Our Health plans

Choose the plan that works for you

basic health

Basic Health



1 Year Telemedicine


Pulse Rate
Blood Sugar
Doctor Review
Blood Pressure
Malaria Parasite
Body Mass Index
Oxygen Saturation
Physical Examination
Complete Hemogram (Full Blood Count)

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Most popular


Basic Health +


Uric Acid
Lipid Profile
12 Lead ECG
Double Arm BP
Vision Screening
Hearing Screening
Dental Screening
Liver Function Test
Kidney Function Test
Joint & Posture Check
Mental Health Screening
Body Composition Analysis
Cardiovascular Ultrasound Scan

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premium plus

Premium Plus



Premium Plan +


H. pylori
Urine MCS
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
TB Serology
Breast Exam
PSA/Pap Smear
Thyroid Function Test
Intelligent Weighing Scale

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Join Our Family Of Healthy People

From the moment you book a health check with us, ensuring you stay in good health becomes our reason for existing. We are here because of you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to wait on a queue to be attended to?

How long will the health check take?

Will my result be explained to me?

Can I eat before coming for the test?

What Our Clients Have To Say

Mr Olatunji O.

Mr Olatunji O.

The test facility and explanations of the various tests were wonderful.

Mr Olarenwaju B.

Mr Olanrewaju B.

The serenity of your environment was amazing. I was also impressed by the timely reporting.

Mrs Oyindamola

Mrs Oyindamola T

The customer service, friendliness and knowledge of the doctors and staff was pretty  commendable

Mrs Feyi

Mrs Feyi O.

I love the state of the art equipment and the professionalism of the staff.

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Who we are

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We are an American health-tech company  headquartered at El-Paso, Texas. Our focus is on preventive healthcare with specialty in wellness and telemedicine. We believe everyone should have access to affordable healthcare from anywhere and at anytime.

Our wellness check is one of the best in Nigeria using cutting-edge medical technology and boasts of tests available nowhere else in the country.